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Water birth is a method of vaginal delivery where the mother is quite pregnant (aterm) without complication by soaking in warm water. At present, labor with this water birth has already been chosen due to the many benefits that can be obtained.There are several other advantages to this method both for the mother and for the baby.One advantage that is very helpful for the mother is reducing pain during the process labor.This method requires a special maternity pool filled with water with a temperature of 95-1000 Fahrenheit or 36-370 Celsius in order for the baby not to feel the intense temperature difference between the temperature inside and outside the mother's stomach.Furthermore, the birth process is continued and because of the place in the water, the new baby will bathe in water (5-10 seconds) before being lifted out, because the water temperature is almost the same as the amniotic fluid.The baby will breathe in water, because he will not start using his lungs until he is carried into the air in the first 10 seconds after birth.It is advisable not to use small bathtubs or pools because it is difficult to maintain the right temperature.Supporters of this technique say that labor in water is not dangerous.This water birth method also has risks and complications that need attention.Labor with water birth is very safe to do as long as the procedure and the stages are carried out properly.Childbirth using the water birth method provides greater benefits than the side effects, the easier childbirth is better and for those who give birth and who are born.