Studi Literatur Pengaruh Konsumsi Kurma (Phoenix Dactylifera) Terhadap Kenaikan Kadar Hemoglobin

  • Sri Hartati Mahasiswa Program Studi S1 Kebidanan Fakultas Kesehatan dan Farmasi Universitas Adiwangsa Jambi



Anemia is a condition that states the hemoglobin level in the blood is below 12 gr% in women and 14 gr% in men, this can result in reduced blood supply throughout the body. Existing Researches Mention That Dates Can Overcome Anemia. The treatment of dates extracts have an effect on increasing hemoglobin levels after being given 3 tablespoons a day is recommended before eating with a dose of 15 cc for one week. It can be said that the administration of palm juice has an effect on increasing hemoglobin levels in pregnant women. Various studies have shown that dates can increase Hb levels which are statistically significant. Dates also have many benefits including increasing platelet counts, preventing blood clots, preventing strokes and heart attacks, preventing uterine bleeding, dilute brain during fasting, increasing energy, inhibiting aging, preventing constipation and launching bowel movements.