Studi Literatur Efektifitas Pemberian Buah Pisang Ambon Terhadap Hiperemisis Gravidarum

  • Jopie Rezky Pertiwi Mahasiswa Program Studi S1 Kebidanan Fakultas Kesehatan dan Farmasi Universitas Adiwangsa Jambi


Banana (Musa sp.) Is a tropical fruit that has benefits in reducing stomach irritation. Banana is a tropical fruit that is popular in the community, and has the potential to be developed in Indonesia. At present bananas are among the leading commodities and provide the greatest contribution to national fruit production. Besides its delicious taste, bananas also contain nutrients, vitamins and calories, so they are beneficial for health. Bananas contain superior vitamins and minerals compared to other fruits, especially for vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, fiber and manganese (Mn). Therefore, bananas are beneficial in treating gastrointestinal inflammation, controlling high blood pressure and stroke, controlling blood sugar levels, preventing depression. Paradisiaca type bananas have antacid effects that protect against ulcer disease. ²