Hubungan Pola Makan dan Penggunaan Obat Anti Inflamasi Dengan Kejadian Gastritis di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Pakuan Baru Kota Jambi Tahun 2015

  • Ully Widya Rochmatil Ulla Program Studi S1 Farmasi, Fakultas Kesehatan dan Farmasi, Universitas Adiwangsa Jambi, Jambi, Indonesia


Low behavior gastritis patients to conduct a balanced diet and regulate the use of drugs causing gastritis. The study was to determine the relationship of diet and the use of anti-inflammatory drugs with the incidence of gastritis in Puskesmas New Pakuan Jambi City Year 2015. The study was conducted because of high patient visits in health centers gastritis new Pakuan as much in 2013 as in 2298 and 2014 as many as 3230

This research is a quantitative research with cross sectional design. This research was conducted on 22 to 27 June 2015. Data obtained through direct answers from the respondents on the questionnaires filled out by the respondent. The population in this study were all patients with gastritis in Puskesmas New Pakuan 2014 as many as 3230 people. Data is collected using a questionnaire. The sampling technique using simple random sampling technique as much as 49 people. The data used primary data. This study using univariate and bivariate analysis

There are 3 people who have a regular diet, but experienced something gastritis. There are 2 respondents who do use drugs well but still suffered gastritis Statistical test results obtained p-value of 0.001, which means there is a significant relationship between diet and the incidence of gastritis and test results obtained statistical p-value 0.0002 means there was a significant association between the use of anti-inflammatory drugs with the incidence of gastritis in Puskesmas New Pakuan Jambi City 2015

Suggestions in this study can be used Puskesmas New Pakuan as information and input in providing comprehensive nursing care services and as consideration in improving the quality of health services in health centers..


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